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Designed by Latinotype Team, Assemblage is a dingbat, serif and display sans font family. This typeface has nine styles and was published by Latinotype.


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Designed by Daniel Hernández, Alfonso García, Bruno Jara Ahumada and Luciano Vergara.

Assemblage is a typeface-inspired by Roman square capitals-that comes in 6 different weights and ranging from Thin to Black. The background of the typeface makes it well-suited for branding, short text, titles and complex compositions, thanks to its italic version.

Contrary to some conservative fonts, Assemblage includes an italic version with a look based on Elzeverian and Dutch Barroque typefaces, what gives the font an extra dash of elegance, resulting in a very enjoyable design. The family was specially created for labelling wine bottles and general packaging.

Assemblage is a font collection consisting of a Sans Serif plus an Italic version of classic features. The family comes in 6 weights and includes ligatures, caps and small caps plus 3 sets of smaller small caps for different kinds of composition. The Italic version-with strong decorative features-comes with swashes. Assemblage also includes a set of dingbats, especially designed for packaging as well as for publishing or branding.

The Sans contains 979 characters and the Italic version 620 characters. Assemblage supports 212 different languages and its OpenType features include ligatures, semi oldstyle figures, 3 sets of ornamental small caps (in the Sans version), swashes, ending forms and alternates in the Italic version.

Thanks to Pedro González for his contribution in the initial stage of the design process.

Foundry Latinotype
Price $29.00
Styles Display Sans, Serif, Dingbat
Designer Latinotype Team
Licenses Desktop
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