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Designed by Monica Rizzolli and Tony de Marco, Just Pixo is a display font family. This typeface has eight styles and was published by Latinotype.

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Inspired by the streets of Brazil, Just Pixo is a display typeface that mimics pixação, Brazilian graffiti. In his book Pixação: São Paulo Signature, François Chastanet says, “This alphabet, with its vertical inscriptions axis, is to be directly classified in the king-size, monumental category; the systematic use of capitals, meticulously aligned and justified, their extreme verticality, are symptomatic of this architectural dimension”.

As such, we designed Just Pixo for monumental type sizes and vertical alignments—a family with seven weights, alternate glyphs, multiple ligatures and is provided as a Variable Font too. Unique decorative serif capitals and lowercase sans serif versions make Just Pixo the perfect option for large displays, strong headlines, urban logos, and contemporary concepts. Despite its controversial use on the streets, this often politically charged style will typeface will take your next project to the next level.

Foundry Latinotype
Price $11.60
ReleasedApril 29, 2021
Style Display
Designers Monica Rizzolli, Tony de Marco
Licenses Desktop
Web Font