Los Lana Pro

Los Lana Pro is a display and hand display font published by Latinotype.


Los Lana Pro Regular


Los Lana Pro is a handmade display typeface. Unlike other font families, this type has
not a modular structure, that is, each character has been individually designed. 
The coherence of structure elements across different characters is given by irregular strokes. This curveless typeface is perceived as being curved because of its straight lines, which form different-size angles.

Los Lana Pro is a rustic typeface that captures the stereotypical “Andean hippie”
handmade aesthetics. Irregular shapes and broken lines give it a distinct personality. Los
Lana Pro looks better in larger sizes. Includes many ligatures, two groups of alternate
characters, and titling caps characters. Languages include: Basic Latin, Western
European, Euro, Catalan, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian and Pan Africa
Latin. Designed by Luciano Vergara

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