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Macarons is a dingbat and hand drawn font family. This typeface has seven styles and was published by Latinotype.

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Macarons is a display type based on the classic Garamond typeface. It’s inspired by the foodie culture and the slow food movement, which began as a rebellion against fast food and has now grown to a global scale. Every day, thousands of people around the world take pictures of their food, look for new recipes to try and recover old ones, enjoy wine-pairing, and value locally produced food.
Macarons is a fresh and spontaneous looking typeface that has been designed by Coto Mendoza, who also has developed a hand-made product line (Ride my Bike, Ride my Bike, Four Seasons, D.I.Y. Time, Dans le Cuisine and In a Jar). This font is not constructed out of modules: each character is drawn by hand.
The Macarons font family consists of a monoline version, regular and bold weights, and a set of gestural catchwords, which reflects the use of the ruling pen as a freestyle tool. Ornaments and dingbats are also included.
Macarons is ideal for cookbooks, menus, liquor bottle labels, food packaging, wedding invitations, greeting cards, tea boxes, food blogs, small shops, cupcake bakeries and so on.
Try! A freshly-baked homemade macaron!

Foundry Latinotype
Price $15.00
Styles Hand Drawn, Dingbat
Licenses Desktop
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