Hanoded Fonts is a happy one man show from Holland.


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Colporteur  |  7 Styles starting at $12.00
Lemon Yellow Sun  |  6 Styles starting at $15.00
Bitterbrush  |  2 Styles starting at $15.00

After finishing his journalism studies, David traveled extensively and ended up in Israel where he stayed for some years. David had a lot of jobs – zookeeper, goldsmith, artist and cook (to name a few), but settled on working as a tour guide and photographer. David specialises in hand printed typefaces and uses brushes, pens, Chinese ink and black paint to create his – sometimes scary looking – fonts. He lives in the fruit growing area of Holland with his wife, three kids, several Burmese Buddha statues and a mosque-shaped alarm clock from Oman.


David Kerkhoff

Typographe extraordinaire

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Crayon Works  |  2 Styles starting at $15.00
Gravity Well  |  2 Styles starting at $15.00
Meteor Strike  |  2 Styles starting at $15.00

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Kaikoura  |  1 Style starting at $15.00
Jambo  |  1 Style starting at $15.00
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Food Truck  |  10 Styles starting at $12.00