Designed by David Kerkhoff, Gumbo is a hand display and kids font family. This typeface has four styles and was published by Hanoded.


Gumbo Regular


Gumbo Italic


Gumbo Bold


Gumbo Bold Italic


Lately I have been experimenting with different foods. At home, we eat a lot of Asian food, but I thought it would be nice to broaden my culinary horizon a bit. So far I have (successfully) added Georgian beef and walnut soup, Tacos (after a suggestion by my friend Stuart), Surinam Roti and various vegetarian dishes to our menu.

When I created this font, I had to think of Gumbo - a dish I have never made.
Gumbo is a handmade display font that comes in a rotund regular and an obese bold (with Italics). Use it for your book covers, product packaging and sticky notes.
Gumbo comes with cute ‘end of word’ ligatures - just type the glyph + space and presto: you have a little swash.

As for the dish Gumbo, well, I will make that this weekend!

Foundry Hanoded
Price $15.00
Styles Hand Display, Kids
Designer David Kerkhoff
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad