Designed by Juan Pablo De Gregorio, Biscotti is a display serif font family. This typeface has four styles and was published by Letritas.


Biscotti Body


Biscotti Little Border


Biscotti Big Border


Biscotti Shadow


The concept of Biscotti rised from a personal research into a system of styles that we commonly consider “vintage”.

One above all, the Victorian typography that has been rediscovered and widely re-studied during the 70s. Today, thanks to the technology innovation in digital typography fields, Biscotti is certainly an interesting subject which expresses an appassionate and nostalgic homage to a vintage font, seen from the perspective of a technical inspiration.

Biscotti is composed of two styles: the “default” and the alternative one. The first is of course more conservative and formal, while the alternative formally chooses a change of the diagonal lines into curves, so it creates a much more friendlier reading.

Biscotti consists of 4 sources that can be combined by layers in order to form different ways of reading.
This renewed effect increases exponentially the potential use range of this typography.

Biscotti has 517 characters and is composed for 220 Latin languages.

Foundry Letritas
Price $30.00
Style Display Serif
Designer Juan Pablo de Gregorio
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad