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Organika is a multiple classification font family. This typeface has six styles and was published by Mika Melvas.


Organika Script Regular


Organika Script Italic


Organika Serif Regular


Organika Serif Italic


Organika Sans Regular


Organika Sans Italic


Organika is a hand drawn type family of six fonts. It includes upright and italic brush script, sans and serif fonts. Because of the uneven edges,  loose forms and bouncing letters Organika has an organic, friendly and casual feeling. 

The script has lots of alternates that gives you possibility to build your text almost like handwriting with all the charming imperfections and variations that a real handwriting has. If you enable Discretionary Ligatures OpenType feature (dlig) it replaces automatically lower case letters with an alternate when the letter is repeated. So there is never two letters next to each other that are just the same. The script also has a few neat underlines to choose from to give your design the final touch.

With the Organika sans and serif fonts you can add some variety and contrast to your design with the matching casual hand written feeling.