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Designed by Jeff Gillen, Slacker Store™ is a grunge and novelty font published by MINDCANDY.


Slacker Store Book


Slacker™ Bookstore is a custom, hand-drawn font, created originally with a paintbrush and ink.  It contains thick and bold characters, casual in nature. It conveys the feeling of a personally designed, hand-written characters that are fat and smooth and envoke the characteristics of personalized and human lettering - perfect for invitations or as a headline font that portrait the “personal touch”.  Warm and inviting Slacker™ Bookstore builds a warm and friendly emotion for your brand’s character. The “bullet” character - created by simultaneously clicking the OPTION-8 key “•” contains a big and bold “peace sign”.  Created in the mid-1990’s, Slacker™ Bookstore was originally given away as a free font and is synonymous with the “Slacker” sub-culture that existed in Austin, Texas - in the early days of the “Tech-Boom.”  In keeping with tradition, simply send an email to - and type in the SUBJECT LINE: “I am a Slacker!” - and we will send this font to you for free! © 1998. All Rights Reserved. Designed by Jeff Gillen. Distributed with permission by Mindcandy® on

Price $24.00
Styles Grunge, Novelty
Designer Jeff Gillen
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
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