Salty Dish

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Designed by Missy Meyer, Salty Dish is a hand display, kids and script font family. This typeface has two styles and was published by Missy Meyer.


Salty Dish Script


Salty Dish Sans


I started this one out with just one set of letters - the script font that is Salty Dish Script.  But when I finished it, I decided it just wasn’t enough! So I used those letters as a base to create Salty Dish Sans, a supporting all-caps font with two tight uppercase sets.  You can use each font separately, or bring them together to team up on your project!

Both of the Salty Dish fonts have a ton of punctuation, over 300 accented characters for language support, and of course they’ve been extensively cleaned and smoothed so they’re great for cutting, crafting, and printing at any size!

Salty Dish Script also contains 190 bonus characters in the Private Use Area - alternates, decorative swashes, and a ton of multi-letter ligatures to make sure you have all of the smooth connections you need!

Foundry Missy Meyer
Price $12.00
Styles Hand Display, Kids, Script
Designer Missy Meyer
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad