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Designed by Moritz Kleinsorge, Glance Slab is a display slab and stencil font family. This typeface has seven styles and was published by Moritz Kleinsorge.

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Many good things such as X-rays, penicillin and water ice were discovered accidentally. And now Glance Slab completes the list. To complete his type library, type designer Moritz Kleinsorge designed a new Slab Serif, but he was not happy with his first design at all. So he started experimenting with certain shapes and by accident the shoulder of the lowercase letter /n was suddenly no longer connected to the stem anymore. He liked this accidental discovery so much that he took this feature and created a complete typeface out of it - without receiving a stencil typeface, because he sees the unconnected elements more as an ink trap than as a stencil element.

The result is a dynamic and sporty, yet organic slab serif. The typeface is characterized by the previously described unconnected elements in letters where a curve meets a stem. Especially the letters (/a, /c, /s, /C, /G, /J, /S as well as some numbers and symbols) with an unconnected serif prove to be the attractive and stylish symbol of recognition of Glance Slab. It is a typeface that is quickly recognizable.

With its strong visual character, Glance Slab is perfect for branding and any application in large point size. Glance Slab is eye-catching, unusual and beautiful – a typeface that is easy to remember. But although it has a strong character, the effect of ink traps is noticeable in smaller point sizes. The unconnected elements almost merge into each other, making the character-strong letters less prominent and making the typeface much more legible than initially expected.

The Glance Slab, designed by Moritz Kleinsorge, consists of seven weights from Thin to Black. Each style has a character set of about 570 glyphs, which includes (black) circled numbers and arrows, ligatures, extended language support and much more. There is also already the first sketch for a matching sans serif, which could be released later this year.

Foundry Moritz Kleinsorge
Price $29.00
ReleasedJune 5, 2020
Styles Display Slab, Stencil
Designer Moritz Kleinsorge
Licenses Desktop
Web Font