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Designed by Johannes Neumeier, Constant is a display slab and slab serif font family. This typeface has seven styles and was published by Underscore.


Constant Thin


Constant Light


Constant Regular


Constant Medium


Constant Bold


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Constant Heavy


Constant is a meticulously constructed slab serif display typeface of a sturdy lineage. The strong horizontal and vertical rhythm combined with calculated angles dominate its appearance, yet sweeping broad shapes infuse the design with an overall warm undertone.

Constant is best suited for setting short headlines, word marks, posters and other visual communication ephemera. Particular when set in all uppercase the typeface’s squarish and resolute nature commands attention and projects authority. Despite the prominent slab serifs and their angular corner details, these fonts work well also for shorter text passages, especially in the lighter to medium weights. When typesetting Constant in paragraphs spanning several lines the face requires a fair amount of leading to not appear vertically compressed.

As customary for Underscore’s catalog the fonts have very extensive support for languages in the Latin script, reaching from Afrikaans to Vietnamese and Zulu. The fonts are carefully spaced, kerned and hinted, and include a variety of typographic glyphs and OpenType features like various ligatures, number features and case alternatives.

Constant has been developed and released in 2018 as the proud forth release from the Underscore label. This design by Johannes Neumeier is available from the Underscore webshop as well as selected retailers.

Foundry Underscore
Price $35.00
Styles Display Slab, Slab Serif
Designer Johannes Neumeier
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
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