Brushability is a dingbat, brush script and display sans font family. This typeface has nine styles and was published by My Creative Land.


9 Fonts


Brushability Sans

7 Fonts



Brushability Script


Brushability Sans Light


Brushability Sans Regular



Brushability Sans Bold


Brushability Sans Black


Brushability Sans Inline


Brushability Sans Inside


Brushability Extras


The Brushability is a brush-written font family that contains 9 fonts, all united by a brushy look. All fonts compliment each other perfectly and can be used either together or with many other brush-looking fonts on the market.

The script contains a lot of alternates, swashes, ligatures, arrows etc. while the Extras font has quite a few design elements with the same brush look - such as arrows, frames, and swashes - to add more personality to the design.

The 5 sans serif fonts (ranging from Light to Black) also contain alternate glyphs for certain letters - just to make your design process even more fun.

All fonts, as usual, are fully Unicode mapped so you can use them in any application. Just be aware that if your application doesn’t support OpenType features, you’ll have to choose the glyphs you need manually.