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Designed by Dmitry Kirsanov, Venetian 301 is a serif font family. This typeface has six styles and was published by ParaType.


Venetian 301 Regular


Venetian 301 Italic


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Venetian 301 Demi Italic


Venetian 301 Bold


Venetian 301 Bold Italic


Venetian 301 is the Bitstream version of the Centaur type family. Centaur was designed by American book designer Bruce Rogers on the basis of Venetian typefaces of 1470 of Nicolas Jenson.

The beautiful italics are based on a face by Ludovico degli Arrighih. They were developed by Frederic Warde who was an American calligrapher and typography researcher. It was added as Italic to Centaur. It was adapted for mechanical composition by English Monotype in 1929.

Its lettershapes owe much to pen-drawn letters of Italian humanist minuscule and cursive. This elegant humanist face is useful for the finest typography both for book text and display matter. The Cyrillic version includes small caps and was developed for ParaType in 2003 by Dmitry Kirsanov.

Foundry ParaType
Price $30.00
Fontspring Debut2015
Style Serif
Designer Dmitry Kirsanov
Licenses Desktop
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