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Monarch North is a display slab font family. This typeface has two styles and was published by Parker Creative.

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Monarch North Hatch


Monarch North Solid


Introducing Monarch North, a handcrafted wide-bodied slab serif with beautiful line hatching.

Monarch North is a thick slab serif that features high contrast weight, thick rounded serifs, and unique horizontal line hatching that’s subtly different on every glyph. This typeface was designed for displays and branding, and works especially well for faux chalkboard designs. Use this handcrafted font to make interesting designs that look as unique as the product or service it represents.

Pro tip: Monarch North Solid and Hatch versions are both included and look excellent when paired together. Use ‘Hatch’ for your headlines or large text, then use ‘Solid’ for smaller descriptive text and paragraphs.


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Foundry Parker Creative
Price $10.00
Style Display Slab
Licenses Desktop
Web Font