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Designed by Jakob Fischer, Eksperiment is a grunge and hand display font family. This typeface has two styles and was published by Pizzadude.dk.

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Eksperiment is danish for experiment. Without much guessing or knowledge to danish, you probably already knew that! I like those danish words containing a “k” - is it because my name is spelled with a “k” ? I don’t know - maybe it’s because it kind of represents the danish language, which is full of words with “k"s :)
Anyway, the reason for the name is that I wanted a font looking like it had gone through tough times, a bad copy machine and perhaps even crumpled paper…but the experiment is that the font is 100% made using digital media. I used my MacBook and my iPad creating this font. I find it quite amusing, that something 100% digital looks like something organic :)
I’ve added 5 different versions of each letter, which is really helpful when working with grunge fonts. It looks more natural, when the same letter rarely repeats itself.

Foundry Pizzadude.dk
Price $18.00
Styles Grunge, Hand Display
Designer Jakob Fischer
Licenses Desktop
Web Font