Honey Muffin

Designed by Jakob Fischer, Honey Muffin is a hand display and kids font family. This typeface has four styles and was published by Pizzadude.dk.


Honey Muffin Regular


Honey Muffin Italic


Honey Muffin Caps


Honey Muffin Caps Italic


Honey muffins are delicious, but unfortunately full of calories. The Honey Muffin font is not full of calories, though - but full of letters! 4 versions of each lowercase letter in the Regular version, and 4 different letters in the CAPS version.

When making this font I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to make it an all caps version, or throw in a lowercase set. I never really got to the point of any decision, so I made both versions! :)

The font is handmade, using a round brush and then cleaned up digitally - but leaving the handmade feeling for you to enjoy!

Foundry Pizzadude.dk
Price $20.00
Styles Hand Display, Kids
Designer Jakob Fischer
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad