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Designed by Léon Hugues, Dorset is a script font family published by Positype.


Dorset Regular

$49.00 $24.50

Dorset marks Léon Hugues first script typeface and first release with the Positype Flourish label. Built crosscurrent to a strict revival or calligraphic digitization, Dorset’s aim was to understand how a font could interact with various calligraphic influences in a single execution and how that interpretation by Léon would lead to new, exclusive design choices.

The design purposely chose to connect various gestures from Spencerian handwriting and copperplate calligraphy and meld that with his initial experiments with fine, flat nibs. The result is wholly unique and useful when clear, open, and legible script typography is desired.

OpenType features included in this typeface allow the user to seamlessly move from an italic to connected script, while the various stylistic sets can lead you to variations of texture and rhythm, allowing for a more personal and exact expression.

Foundry Positype
Price $24.50
ReleasedFebruary 14, 2022
Style Script
Designer Léon Hugues
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad