Kari Display Pro

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Kari Display Pro is a brush script font family. This typeface has two styles and was published by Positype.


Kari Display Pro Regular


Kari Display Pro Italic


Kari Display is the product of a long standing idea I had to give the well-received Positype typeface, Kari, plastic surgery. Just referring to giving a typeface plastic surgery, or letter lipo, stuck in the back of my head until I was able to pick the project up.
The ultimate objective was to refine Kari Display to a point where each glyph was expressed as simple as possible… and in that simplicity a sexiness would appear. Kari is a beautiful script, but it is very ‘controlled’ and orderly and I wanted Kari Display to break that mold with much more movement, curviness, greater modulation and a more elegant feel on the page. I did not want to take it too far, limiting the use of the typeface, but rather opted for a delicate balance of thick and thin against the added movement of the glyphs.

The wealth of sketches and proposed variants during the concepting phase was encouraging and I really pushed to add as many alternate characters, ligatures, swashes (and more) as I possibly could. Just about every character has at least one or more alternates AND the complete offering of alternates completely covers a wide range of Latin-based language groups including Central European diacritics.

If you are using any type of OpenType enabled application, then the Kari Display Pro typefaces are the way to go. They include everything found in the 3 separate variants for each style as well as entirely expanding offering of additional swash and ligature sets.

Foundry Positype
Price $49.00
Style Brush Script
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad

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