Lust Slim

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Designed by Neil Summerour, Lust Slim is an art deco, display serif and serif font family. This typeface has six styles and was published by Positype.


Lust Slim Regular


Lust Slim Italic


Lust Slim Didone


Lust Slim Display Regular


Lust Slim Display Italic


Lust Slim Display Didone


Check out the new Lust Pro & Lust Pro Didone to see how the series has grown and evolved.

Confident and versatile, Lust is an exercise in indulgence—an attempt to create something over the top and vastly useful.

If Lust Slim seems both new and familiar, that’s because it is. The series unapologetically channels Herb Lubalin, but produced with a deliberate, contemporary twist. There is an intentional slyness infused in the letterforms—the extreme thick and thin lines flow effortlessly without becoming gratuitous. It’s always just enough, not too much. What makes the type series so appealing? The curves. When asked to describe the letterforms, most people unwittingly allude to the human form, using adjectives usually reserved for describing physical traits… creating all-too-familiar comparisons. Summerour has grown to accept this as unavoidable and reasonable given his acknowledgement of its influences and has provided nuances within the letterforms to accentuate that.

Intended to be set large, the typeface has both Standard (Lust, Lust Didone and a single unified Italic) and Display variants making it perfect for editorial use and a flexible solution for any display need.

Foundry Positype
Price $50.00
Fontspring Debut2019
Styles Art Deco, Display Serif, Serif
Designer Neil Summerour
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad