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Designed by Paco González and Giuseppe Salerno, DreamTeam is a display font family. This typeface has four styles and was published by Resistenza.es.

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DreamTeam Regular

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DreamTeam Italic

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DreamTeam Thicker

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DreamTeam Thicker Italic

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Lining up on the start line is Resistenza’s DreamTeam! This fit font’s long limbs, nimble movement and shifting weight make the multiline-display (inspired by bestseller Afrobeat) perfect to grab attention on signage, print advertising and editorial applications like book covers.

DreamTeam’s distinctive forms also make it ideal for branding applications and obviously with its directional movement and the suggested speed DreamTeam’s 4 styles would be DreamSolution’s on athleisure apparel and clothing lines.

Available in Regular, Italic, as well as a paired “Thicker” line weight for bolder outcomes, DreamTeam pulls from AfroBeats smart use of geometry to create tone and optical gradient with solid black linear devices. The resulting rhythm and shadowing of letterforms, create visual intrigue and exciting typographic outcomes.

Foundry Resistenza.es
Price $16.80
Style Display
Designers Paco González, Giuseppe Salerno
Licenses Desktop
Web Font