Industrial Spill

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Designed by Aaron Bell and Dave Savage, Industrial Spill is a grunge and hand drawn font family. This typeface has three styles and was published by Saja TypeWorks.


Industrial Spill Regular


Industrial Spill Ooze


Industrial Spill Wasteland


“Safety first!” claimed the sign. The janitor huffed, and continued mopping up the nuclear sludge from the floorboards. Just another day in the wasteland.

Industrial Spill is available in three destructive styles:

- Regular (great for those warning signs that everyone ignores when rummaging for salvage)
- Ooze (reminds you to always clean up after contaminated muck covers the floor)
- Wasteland (gives that wonderful feel of wandering around a desolate landscape)

Please note that Industrial Spill Wasteland is highly detailed, realistic texturing. It may render slowly in older applications.

Each font includes:
- A complete set of uppercase and lowercase letters, basic punctuation, numerals and currency figures, and diacritics
- Stylistic Opentype Alternates to avoid letter crashing
- Punctuation shifts in All-Caps scenarios for better placement
- Western Europe language support

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A collaboration between Dave Savage of Savage Monsters and Aaron Bell of Saja Typeworks.

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Foundry Saja TypeWorks
Price $12.00
Styles Grunge, Hand Drawn
Designers Aaron Bell, Dave Savage
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad