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SB Degenerate is a grunge font published by SelfBuild Type Foundry.

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SB Degenerate Regular


SB Degenerate is a nineties grunge font, and although it has a distinctly inky, printed look, this typeface was created using entirely digital methods. The original source material was the suitcase of low-resolution screen fonts for Times New Roman, which were taken into Photoshop and repeatedly blurred, filtered and brought back into focus, before being redrawn in vector form. The resulting glyphs have a distinctive style with some sticky looking terminals that look like they must be a result of some form of ink flow problem. The overall effect is of antiqued type, and the dirty, distressed style makes this typeface well suited to projects that need to convey a roughness or rawness of some kind.

Foundry SelfBuild Type Foundry
Price $10.00
Style Grunge
Licenses Desktop
Web Font