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Designed by Craig Stainton, SB Sonar is a display sans font published by SelfBuild Type Foundry.

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SB Sonar Regular


SB Sonar is a heavy, wide, rectangular typeface with sharp, angular features. It has a futuristic edge and works nicely as an alternative to Eurostile, perhaps for a gaming or sports themed project. While it takes its inspiration from the high-tech graphic language of science fiction films, it still retains some retro appeal and could easily have been taken from VHS tape packaging from the 1980s. SB Sonar is designed primarily as an impactful headline typeface for use in magazines, posters and logos. Its modern, mechanical looks make it a good match for electronic or audio devices or projects that require a technological feel, perhaps with a slight retro-future twist.

Foundry SelfBuild Type Foundry
Price $20.00
Style Display Sans
Designer Craig Stainton
Licenses Desktop
Web Font