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SB Superbloc is a novelty and pixel font family. This typeface has two styles and was published by SelfBuild Type Foundry.

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SB Superbloc Regular

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SB Superbloc Italic

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SB Superbloc came about as a result of some extreme distortion of SB Websnap, creating a loud, rectangular, block typeface with a cyberpunk, manga-esque flavour. It has an arcade-like feel, retaining the sharp, squared pixel corners of the original pixelfont, with the slanted oblique adding a streamlined, racing element, suggesting speed, and it works well for sport or technology themed projects. A heavily geometric design, SB Superbloc is designed to pack a punch both on screen and in print. It is impressive as a headline typeface but also works well at smaller sizes thanks to its bold, crisp and angular geometry. SB Superbloc is a capitals only typeface, in line with its bold, brash nature. Its combination of pixel-like features and sharp vectored corners make it simultaneously retro and futuristic.

Foundry SelfBuild Type Foundry
Price $10.00
Styles Novelty, Pixel
Licenses Desktop
Web Font