Designed by Nick Shinn, Buslingthorpe is a display serif and serif font family. This typeface has three styles and was published by Shinntype.


Buslingthorpe Regular


Buslingthorpe Italic


Buslingthorpe Small Caps


What intrigued me about Buslingthorpe was the virtuoso challenge it presented, of designing a typeface that would, despite a ridiculously tiny x-height, still possess a coherent harmony between upper and lower case, and read comfortably. At the same time, beyond pure plastic formality, I was aware that there are strong connotations of historicism in this noble style, with overtones of regal magnificence, on account of the extravagant leading and generous point size required for adequate visibility—in traditional letterpress printing such proportions, with so few characters per square inch, devour resources. There are two iconic early 20th century designs in the genre: Koch Antiqua (Rudolf Koch, Klingspor Foundry, 1922) and Lucian (Lucian Bernhard, Bauer Foundry, 1925). Both these have x-heights smaller than fifty percent of ascender height, which nominally defines the category. So I made these my benchmarks, and determined to outdo them in dramatic fashion.

Foundry Shinntype
Price $9.00
Styles Display Serif, Serif
Designer Nick Shinn
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad