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Black Tie Baseline SCF is a display sans and hand display font family. This typeface has two styles and was published by Scholtz Fonts.


Black Tie SCF Regular


Black Tie SCF Baseline


Black Tie is an art-deco font with the smooth sophistication of retro design. It is very readable and can be used at all sizes. It functions well as a display font and creates attention-attracting headers and subheaders.

Black Tie comes in two styles:

1. Black Tie Regular: in which the caps and lower case have different baselines. Black Tie Regular is better for sub-heads and display.
2. Black Tie Baseline: in which all characters share a common baseline. This style is better for body text and smaller sizes.

Fully professional, Black Tie contains a full character set Ñ Upper and Lower case, all numerals, punctuation, symbols and accented characters. It is suitable for layout work in all major European languages Ñ Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Swedish and Italian (to name a few).

The characters are spaced for readability and have been carefully kerned.

Foundry Scholtz Fonts
Price $19.00
Styles Display Sans, Hand Display
Licenses Desktop
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