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Designed by Seán Mongey and Max Phillips, Mortise is a slab serif font family. This typeface has six styles and was published by Signal Type Foundry.


Mortise X-Light


Mortise Light


Mortise Regular


Mortise Medium


Mortise Bold


Mortise X-Bold


To mortise is “to join or fasten securely.” Created by an aspiring furniture-maker and an aging typographer, Mortise is a solidly constructed new slab serif, and marks Signal’s first collaboration with outside designers. A generous x-height, open counters, wide proportions, and monoline strokes make it readable and practical, while the long, slightly curved vertical serifs give it a raffish, mustache-twirling air. The X-Light is neat and refined and holds the page nicely; the middle weights are sturdy and direct; and the broad, blocky serifs on the X-Bold are exuberant and perhaps a bit rowdy. Available in six carefully crafted weights, Mortise is both a fresh new face and a versatile addition to the venerable slab serif genre. And it pairs well with its sans sibling, Tenon.

Foundry Signal Type Foundry
Price $50.00
Style Slab Serif
Designers Seán Mongey, Max Phillips
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad

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