Bigelow Rules Pro

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Designed by Brian J. Bonislawsky and Jim Lyles, Bigelow Rules Pro is a display serif font published by Stiggy & Sands.


Bigelow Rules Pro Regular


Bigelow Rules Pro is a serif display face that mixes everything up. It shuffles between lowercase and smallcap letterforms, it lifts the baseline to center beside the Capitals, some letters have a slight swash flair while others maintain a neutral stance, and yet it has a smallcaps feature that drops the smallcaps down to the baseline. It’s just an all-out fun fest waiting to be played with.

Bigelow Rules Pro is loaded with features to give you plenty of customisation options:

A mix of small caps & lowercase forms for lowercase standard (vertically centered)
A SmallCaps feature for baseline aligned all SmallCaps letterforms.
A Full set of Inferiors and Superiors for Limitless Fractions
Tabular, Proportional, and Oldstyle figure sets
Stylistic Alternates feature for Caps to SmallCaps

Approx. 653 Character Glyph Set: Bigelow Rules Pro comes with a glyphset that includes standard & punctuation, international language support, basic ligatures, alternate numeral styles, subscript and superscript, and Small Cap letters.

Foundry Stiggy & Sands
Price $29.00
Style Display Serif
Designers Brian J. Bonislawsky, Jim Lyles
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad