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Designed by Guille Vizzari, Buddies is a brush script and retro font published by Sudtipos.


Buddies Regular


Buddies, designed by Guille Vizzari, is a script font that was initially born as a piece of lettering.

It is the result of an experiment between brush pen and pencil, and in this way, Buddies takes the imprint of the brush, the freshness of sign painting, and some (or a lot) of quirks by the author.

The font at times enjoys dancing in titles and short lines of text, pouring rhythm and movements through its lowercase various x-height sets.

Buddies also has a vast uppercase set with daring and atypical shapes that surprisingly function beautifully for composing short all-caps texts; messages are brought to life with awesome personality, ideal for packaging, fashion or even editorial.

Buddies is a friendly font, a humble invitation to the brush letters universe, but from an unpredictable point of view.

Foundry Sudtipos
Price $59.00
Styles Brush Script, Retro
Designer Guille Vizzari
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad