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Designed by Alejandro Paul and Carolina Marando, Geminian is a display serif, script and dingbat font family. This typeface has five styles and was published by Sudtipos.

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$69.00 $34.50

A five font family. This contains every font in the Geminian Family.

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Geminian is a set of fonts that started as a simple idea based on a theoretical level and developed during a long time, to be able to take shape under a creative impulse inspired by the need to communicate, today more than ever. From an astrological point of view, it celebrates and contributes to this practice, the study of stars position and movement and their influence on people’s destiny. As a good Gemini, this set revives the main features of the opposite twins sign. Gemini is associated with thoughts, creativity, and communication. Its ruler Mercury (Hermes for the ancient Greeks), messenger of the Gods, and spokesman of the divine word, gives the natives of this sign intelligence, wit, eloquence and poetry.

Geminian aims to be a medium to carry different messages from one end to the other. And this is because when using words, Geminis always surprise. Thanks to this gitf (and language and communication), they are able to bring up the most ingenious ideas, to solve any problem and to contribute new perspectives. These qualities may be the secret of its magnetism.

The Geminian set comes in 5 styles including a script with multiple ligatures and alternates, 3 sets of caps and dingbats. In addition the complete font family supports a wide variety of Latin alphabet-based languages.

Foundry Sudtipos
Price $9.00
ReleasedSeptember 1, 2020
Styles Display Serif, Script, Dingbat
Designers Alejandro Paul, Carolina Marando
Licenses Desktop
Web Font