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Designed by Gabriel Meave, Organica Pro is a display serif font family. This typeface has six styles and was published by Sudtipos.

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Just as most buildings are based on a structure of vertical columns, horizontal floors, square angles and the occasional arch, most Latin typefaces are designed within a largely uniform, static, alphabetic structure that provides a framework for playing with the style of the terminals —serif, sans-serif, slab-serif, flared, Tuscan— without significantly modifying the deep anatomy of the letters.

Orgánica Pro, by contrast, proposes a different structure: curvilinear, subtle and sophisticated, beyond the typical «sticks and balls» model. Organic anatomy, in one word; deliberately dynamic and asymmetrical. Over this radically distinct structure, terminals play a characteristic, expressive role that challenges easy classifications: Is this a serif or a sans font? A semi-serif? A semi-sans? For text or display? Modern or ultra-modern? Joke or serious?

All answers are valid.

Anyway, its six stylistic variants allow for multiple, diverse uses in text setting, headings and logotypes. In spite of —or perhaps thanks to— its innovative, uncommon structure, Orgánica’s personality is sweet to the eyes, wittily elegant and surprisingly legible.

Foundry Sudtipos
Price $19.50
ReleasedJune 7, 2021
Style Display Serif
Designer Gabriel Martínez Meave
Licenses Desktop
Web Font