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Designed by Donald Tarallo, Poeta Color is a dingbat font family. This typeface has seven styles and was published by Tarallo Design.

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Poeta is a color dingbat font of floral, sun, and nature motifs with diverse cultural origins. This font began with sketches of patterns seen around Sicily; a land rich in poetry.

There are seven different fonts in this family. Each font has a different color or grey combination; solid (black), grey, gradient, primary, secondary, tertiary, and diverse. Each symbol has individual colored parts. Those who desire to make a single color symbol can do so with the solid font.

Designers can use Poeta to make unique line patterns,fields, borders, or other ornamentation. The dingbats are versatile enough for pure visual embellishment or for creating a festive seasonal or holiday mood. Play with layering and opacity to explore the additional color-mixing potential of this font.

Poeta is vector-based and fully scalable. The color and gradient fonts are supported by Photoshop 2017 and Illustrator 2018. The solid font is supported by all software, will appear black, and can be colored in the usual ways.

Foundry Tarallo Design
Price $10.00
Style Dingbat
Designer Donald Tarallo
Licenses Desktop
Web Font

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