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New Millennium is a sans serif, serif and display serif font family. This typeface has five styles and was published by Three Islands Press.


New Millennium Regular


New Millennium Bold


New Millennium Bold Italic


New Millennium Alternative


New Millennium Headline


New Millennium is one of three font families that share a common name, a common design philosophy, a common x-height, and basic character shapes. (The others are New Millennium Sans and New Millennium Linear; all work well together.) New Millennium is a serif face of what some might describe as a “modern style.” But although it does has flat serifs, it differs markedly from, say, Bodoni or Didot—especially in the italic. (Note: the bold styles are in fact sans-serif, identical to those of New Millennium Sans.) There’s also a nice, dark Headline style for display text. New Millennium is a distinctive, legible, accessible text face well suited to multiple uses.

Foundry Three Islands Press
Price $24.00
Styles Display Serif, Sans Serif, Serif
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad

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