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Designed by Dmitry Goloub, Ardent is a display font family. This typeface has three styles and was published by Thundertype.


Ardent Backslanted


Ardent Upright


Ardent Oblique


Ardent is a typeface inspired by the late works of a Russian genius artist Sergey Chekhonin.

Ardent is a proof that the bizarre, revolutionary Cyrillic letterforms of 20s are still decent for use in modern design, even in Latin script. It is highly ornamental and lapidary (thus must be used with great care). Ardent supports many languages.

Ardent forces you to think about letters not as about lines (bold or thin) but as about spots. The black masses with different contours, that create some great tension in the whitespace.

Ardent is powerfully OpenTyped. It features random glyph variation for certain letters! It’s all maintained by contextual alternates. Ardent is a living thing! The letters change automatically as you type. Digits also work best when contextual alternates are on.

Is also works great as dropcaps, combined with some neutral text typefaces. It can be cut as a stencil as well!

Foundry Thundertype
Price $19.00
Style Display
Designer Dmitry Goloub
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad