Confetti TP

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Confetti TP is a brush script and kids font family. This typeface has three styles and was published by Tipo Pépel.


Confetti TP Regular


Confetti TP Bold


Confetti TP Heavy


The Confetti is a typeface created about 1930 by the defunct José Iranzo foundry in Barcelona, and imitates the forms and gestures of handwriting created with a round nib as “Speedball”Series B.

The original typefaces were a pair, called “Escritura Energica ” and “Escritura maravilla”. The typography has a dynamic air, caused partially by irregular alignment of the characters respect to the baseline and aesthetics takes us to the proposed commercial lettering or advertising of years 20-30.
Confetti was one of the fonts selected by the website in its prestigious list of “Our Favorite Typefaces” in 2006.