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Manzello is a serif font family. This typeface has four styles and was published by Tour de Force Font Foundry.


Manzello Regular


Manzello Italic


Manzello Bold


Manzello Bold Italic


To start with one personal fact – I really like to listen Rahsaan Roland Kirk. He was multi-instrumentalist, real grandmaster and unique jazz virtuoso. The way he improvised and walked through variety of different music influences is admirable. One of things he liked is to modify instruments. He modified a soprano saxophone and got an instrument called ‘manzello’.

When I was looking for good name for this typeface, it came on my mind that Manzello could be perfect one. It has a symbolic background from the instrument. In my mind I imagined it as typeface that relies on stable classic examples, but is graphically designed and modified to match modern standards.

Manzello contains a dose of characteristics of display typefaces with terminals that aren’t perfectly rounded, high contrast between stems and good balanced Italics with elements of fine calligraphy. It is a small font family, something what I was always looking for to have as first text solution in my web and graphic projects.

Foundry Tour de Force Font Foundry
Price $35.00
Style Serif
Licenses Desktop
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