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Prored is a sans serif font family. This typeface has five styles and was published by Tour de Force Font Foundry.

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Prored is an avantgarde sans serif typeface that contains 5 weights – Light, Regular, Bold, ExtraBold and Black.

It is small and compact font family with own characteristic expression, constructed to be safe choice for all kinds of typographic tasks.

With specific curved endings that are adhered on baseline, Prored includes tiny note of singularity – just enough to make it’s own identity recognizable and catchy.

Taller x-height gives an afterimage of a bit narrowed look, but with rational proportions and well balanced weights,
5 of them are really sufficient and capable to handle extreme typographic issues. Especially charming is Black which can be used also as display typeface in situations where elegant soulutions are required in combination with stronger visibility.

Beside Central Europe, Prored also contains glyphs for Turkish and Baltic languages.

Highly neutral impression recommends Prored as an excellent choice for branding campaigns or new identities.

Recommended for use in:
branding campaigns, identities, editorial publications, packages, web design, as web font and many more.

Foundry Tour de Force Font Foundry
Price $25.00
Style Sans Serif
Licenses Desktop
Web Font