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Designed by Tyler Finck, Furrow is a display sans font family. This typeface has two styles and was published by Tyler Finck.

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Inspired by a desire to rough up a perfectly clean sans serif. Furrow is perfect for getting attention, whether you’re using it for headlines or supplementary styling.

500+ characters, and 4 stylistic alternates for each letter and number! If you’re using an Adobe product (like Photoshop of Illustrator) make sure that Contextual Alternates is checked off in the Opentype/Charater panel (see this reference image: https://www.tylerfinck.com/calt.png ). Even if it looks toggled ON by default, toggle it off and back on, trust me.

By using Furrow with contextual alternates your words will cycle through all four alphabets. Say you type “people” - the second “e” will be different from the first. This is also super useful for double letters (“TT” LL” “ee” etc.) and words with lots of repetition (MISSISSIPPI).

Foundry Tyler Finck
Price $30.00
Style Display Sans
Designer Tyler Finck
Licenses Desktop
Web Font