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Progeny is a hand drawn font family. This typeface has three styles and was published by Type Associates.

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Progeny is a single-stroke freehand informal script that began life as a logo for a fast food company. That logo design was rejected but when I added a suite of swash caps and a few extra ligatures and my trademark underlines it all started to come together as a font. Then I used it successfully for another logo and I proceeded to complete the weight variations that emerged during the first logo design, rounding the lighter weights to give a more friendly, softer look. That treatment didn’t suit the bold weight but sharp inner corners did not detract from the robust, legible headliner that emerged. All weights work in all-lowercase, all-capitals, lowers with swash or regular initial caps and surprisingly – in all-caps with swash initials.

Foundry Type Associates
Price $35.00
Style Hand Drawn
Licenses Desktop
Web Font