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Designed by Alex Kaczun, Decrypt H1 is a display font published by Type Innovations.


Decrypt H1 Regular


Say hello to Decrypt H1—a geometric typeface that features highly stylized capitals with sharp corners, circular forms and generous proportions. Specifically created for visual impact—use Decrypt H1 when you want your words to stand out from the rest of the crowd. The concept is modern, futuristic and non-traditional. Perfect for display text, logos and headings.

The development of Decrypt H1 started in 1997, inspired by Alex Kaczun’s best selling grotesque font family called Contax Pro. Decrypt H1 is specifically introduced here as a bold weight, but Alex plans to expand the design to include many weights, styles and alternative design treatments. Stay tuned!

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Foundry Type Innovations
Price $39.00
Style Display
Designer Alex Kaczun
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad