Misses Twiggs

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Misses Twiggs is a display serif font family. This typeface has three styles and was published by Type Innovations.


Misses Twiggs Thin


Misses Twiggs Regular


Misses Twiggs Heavy


‘Misses Twiggs’ is a comtemporay modern serif created by the American type designer Alex Kaczun. It compliments its partner ‘Mister Twiggs’ and is a perfect marriage of two fonts. ‘Mister Twiggs brings his tall good looks and ‘Misses Twiggs’ bring her cute little serifs to the relationship.
There are absolutely no curves in these elegant typefaces. Both fonts have sharp corners with extra tall capitals and narrow waistlines. ‘Misses Twiggs’ also comes in 3 flavors: regular, thin and heavy.
Alex is in the process of adding a professional set to this series, including small caps, old style figures and numerous alternate character forms. In addition, there are plans to make yet additional styles that will be called ‘Miss Twiggs’, ‘Junior Twiggs’ and ‘Little Twiggs’. Hey, what can I say… thin is in.

Foundry Type Innovations
Price $39.00
Style Display Serif
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