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Renovatio Deco is a display serif and art deco font published by Type Innovations.


Renovatio Deco Regular


Renovatio is a registered trademark of Type Innovations Inc. This extensive family of fonts will be based on other typefaces currently available in their library. Renovatio means “renewal”—renewing with interest added to principle. Renovatio Deco, is an eclectic “art deco” style baed on Alex Kaczun’s previous font called Nadia—it is characterized by bold geometric shapes combined with lavish ornamentals for added interest and style.

Renovatio Deco is an assertively modern style and represents luxury, glamour, exuberance, and faith in social and technological progress. It is primarily a display font, but it can also be used in a large range of text sizes, as well as, for corporate identity, logo and branding applications.

Alex is currently developing a range of alternate variations and styles that will be based on other typefaces within his extensive font library that will be part the Renovatio family. These OpenType fonts will all contain an expanded character set of glyphs for most Eastern European languages. Stay tuned!

The large Pro font character set supports most Central European and many Eastern European languages.

Foundry Type Innovations
Price $39.00
Styles Art Deco, Display Serif
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