Adriane Text

Adriane Text is a serif font family. This typeface has four styles and was published by Typefolio Digital Foundry.


Adriane Text Regular

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Adriane Text Italic

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Adriane Text Bold

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Adriane Text Bold Italic

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Adriane Text was designed between 2006 and 2007 with additional production completed by Silas Dilworth for this 2008 release [v1.002]. Focusing on text composition and unique typographic characteristics, details within the characters provide both personality and excellent legibility at small sizes. With a medium contrast, a predominantly vertical axis, and a generous x-height, it can be classified as a transitional typeface.
This package of advanced OpenType fonts consists of the style-linked quartet of Regular and Bold weights accompanied by corresponding Italics, each of which include small caps and full support for Extended Latin character sets - now including Central European diacritics. Old style and lining figures are provided in both proportional and tabular spacing, and an extensive set of ligatures, ornaments, dingbats, and alternate ampersands are available across the family.

The Italics possess a fluidity that contrasts with the staid posture of the Roman styles. The degree of inclination for the uppercase and lowercase characters are slightly different, offering an enhanced visual rhythm in the text settings.

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