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Designed by Paul Eslage, Sombra is a sans serif font family. This typeface has seven styles and was published by TypeMates.

Sombra is an organic grotesque typeface with flourishing spirit. It combines geometric structure with leafy, sharply swelling strokes and exaggerated incisions. This tension between organic momentum and the geometric construction means Sombra flowers in branding, editorial and packaging projects connected to nature, urban life and culture. 

Across seven weights, Sombra sprouts from a condensed Light into an extended Black before revealing its most eccentric colour in the UltraBlack poster style. It’s a versatile choice for demanding typographic tasks: a condensed Thin for short synopses on the back of packaging, a Regular balanced for all kinds of text and a wide Black that boosts headlines. 

How Sombra combines width and weight can bring an exciting tension to your design. And when you want an even more free-spirited attitude? There’s the ultra bold Poster style to top it all off. With overgrown terminals, hairline punctuation and symbols, it takes Sombra’s concept further.

With more than 680 glyphs in each style, Sombra supports over 140 Latin languages and comes packed with arrows, starry icons, circled numbers, compact figure settings, as well as standard and fancy ligatures. Plus, there are a bunch of stylistic sets including alternate glyphs to tweak your texts and wordmarks, and elevated decimal figures for compact price and time settings. 

Somewhere between buildings and botany, Sombra finds balance in contrasts.

Foundry TypeMates
Fonts 7
Released 2020
Style Sans Serif
Designer Paul Eslage

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