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Urby Soft

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Designed by Jakob Runge, Urby Soft is a sans serif font family. This typeface has five styles and was published by TypeMates.

Urby Soft


A five font family. This contains every font in the Urby Soft Family.

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Urby Soft’s rounded corners are complemented by Urby’s sharp-edged character and together they make up the Urby Collection. Although each has their own look, both families and their five weights each can be used interchangeably.

The idea of Urby Soft is to combine striking character with technical functionality. The tension between active, dynamic shapes and geometric construction make Urby Soft a distinctive typeface for branding relating to sports, outdoor activities, energy or technology.

The different weights and styles share identical character widths, allowing you to change the weight or style of text without having to worry about text reflow — ideal for interface design. And despite being eye catching at display sizes, Urby Soft works surprisingly well for short text.

Extremely wide apertures, like in a, e or s, and organic stroke endings (v, x) bring playfulness to Urby Soft’s geometric construction and reduced shapes (t, f, 4) and quirky details underscore Urby Soft’s unique character. Its rich character set supports most Latin languages and provides helpful dingbats and geometric shapes.

Urby Soft is ready to rumble — are you?

Foundry TypeMates
Price $47.00
Style Sans Serif
Designer Jakob Runge
Licenses Desktop
Web Font

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