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TT Squares And Octagonals Design Kit

Squares and Octagonals is a sans serif and display serif font collection published by Typetype.

We are glad to present you our first theme-based fonts bundle – the Squares & Octagonals Bundle.
Quite often one might need only the set of basic faces and not the whole family! For these purposes we’ve specifically collected in one set the 30 most popular faces that correspond to the ideas of practical geometry and use triangles, rectangles and octagons as the main styling element.

The Squares & Octagonals Bundle includes the basic set of faces (Light, Regular, Bold & Italics) from 5 font families: TT Bricks, TT Supermolot, TT Squares, TT Squares Condensed, and TT Octas.

Foundry Typetype
Fonts 30
Released 2017
Styles Display Serif, Sans Serif

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