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Designed by Manuel Viergutz, Hand Stamp Gothic Rough is a grunge font family. This typeface has two styles and was published by Typo Graphic Design.

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Hand Stamp Gothic Rough is based on real vintage rubber stamp letters from Germany. A classic American gothic face mixed with a modern condensed sans serif type. Rough & dirty with a authen­tic hand stamped look for a warm analogue vintage charm.

It star­ted ana­lo­gous with only a few rubber stamps and finally it was digi­tal 776 gly­phs. With 4 × A–Z, 4 × 0–9, 4 × a–z and many other alternative glyphs like @. Plus modern OpenType Features like contextual alternates (automatic generated loop for letter variation). The different variations from the dynamic pressure by hand inten­ded to show the hand-made nature and crea­tes a live­li­ness in the display font.

The font has 80 decorative extras in the form of symbols & dingbats like arrows, hearts, smileys, stars, further numbers, lines & shapes. A range of figure set options like oldstyle figures, lining figures, superiors & inferiors.

Additionally stan­dard liga­tures, deco­ra­tive liga­tures (type the word “show” for ☛ and “love” for ❤ … ), Ver­sal Eszett (German Capital Sharp S) and many emojis & symbols.

■ Font Name: Hand Stamp Gothic Rough
■ Font Weights: Regu­lar & Dirty (Bold)
■ Font Cate­gory: Dis­play for head­line size
■ Font For­mat: .otf (Open­Type Font for Mac + Win)
■ Glyph Set: 776 glyphs
■ Lan­guage Sup­port: Basic Latin/English let­ters, Cen­tral Europe, West European diacritics, Turkish, Bal­tic, Roma­nian, OpenType Features, Dingbats & Symbols
■ Spe­cials: Alter­na­tive let­ters, sty­listic sets, automatic con­text­ual alter­nates via Open­Type Fea­ture (4× different versions of A–Z & 0–9 + a–z), Euro, kerning pairs, stan­dard & deco­ra­tive liga­tures, Ver­sal Eszett (German Capital Sharp S), 80 extras like Dingbats & Symbols, arrows, hearts, emojis/smileys, stars, further numbers, lines & shapes.
■ Design Date: 2016
■ Type Desi­gner: Manuel Vier­gutz

Foundry Typo Graphic Design
Price $25.00
Style Grunge
Designer Manuel Viergutz
Licenses Desktop
Web Font