Hand Stamp Swiss Rough Sans

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Designed by Manuel Viergutz, Hand Stamp Swiss Rough Sans is a dingbat, grunge and hand display font family. This typeface has four styles and was published by Typo Graphic Design.






The type­face Hand Stamp Swiss Rough Sans is desi­gned for the Typo Gra­phic Design font foundry in 2015 by Manuel Vier­gutz. A dis­play sans serif type for head­lines with an authen­tic used stam­ped style by hand. It star­ted ana­lo­gous with 42 stamps. Vin­tage look plus state-of-the-art OpenType-features like con­text­ual alter­na­tes (calt) for more hand-stamped fee­ling with the auto­ma­tic gene­ra­ted sty­li­sitc set loop. Deco­ra­tive liga­tures like CT, LL, LI, LU, MM, OO, TH, TT, TU, UH and Ver­sal Eszett (Ger­man Capi­tal Sharp S) type the word LOVE for ❤ and the word SMILE for ☺.

For use in maga­zi­nes, pos­ters, head­lines and adver­ti­se­ment, plus as web­font for deco­ra­tive headlines.

Cha­rac­ter Set: Latin Exten­ded (Adobe Latin 3).
1086 gly­phs with 4× A–Z, 4× a–z, 4× 0–9 and 100+ extra icons like arrows, ding­bats, sym­bols, geo­ma­tric shapes, catch­words and many alter­na­tive letters.

Have fun with this font & use the DEMO-FONT (with redu­ced glyph-set) FOR FREE!

Foundry Typo Graphic Design
Price $9.00
Styles Grunge, Hand Display, Dingbat
Designer Manuel Viergutz
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad