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Confettis Braille

Designed by Jonathan Fabreguettes, Confettis Braille is a dingbat font family. This typeface has twelve styles and was published by

The Confettis Braille typeface contains 12 fonts, in 4 variants and 3 weights. The 4 variants are: braille 6, braille 8, braille 6 dots and braille 8 dots. The typeface contains the 256 possible combinations in Unicode, in the 6 and 8 dot versions, which means it can be set in all languages using braille. However, as braille varies for each language, priority was given to French braille setting on the AZERTY keyboard with matching Latin-to-braille glyphs available for rapid text setting. 

→  Beware of the toxic fumes when using resin, heat sensitive thermographic braille or 3D-printing! Whenever possible, use embossed braille on paper.

→  Designer
Jonathan Fabreguettes

Fonts 12
Released 2016
Style Dingbat
Designer Jonathan Fabreguettes

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